Licenced Practical Nurses

01 Mar 2014 20:18

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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are regulated health care professionals who work in partnership with other members of the health care team to provide nursing services to individuals, families and groups of all ages. Licensed Practical Nurses combine nursing knowledge, skill and judgment when treating health conditions, promoting health, preventing illness and assisting clients to achieve an optimal state of health. They assess, plan, implement and evaluate care for clients throughout the lifecycle as disease progresses and through palliative stages.

LPNs practice in a variety of settings and contexts including hospitals, homes for the aged, nursing homes, public health units, community nursing agencies, private agencies, adult day care centers, clinics, private practices, industry, schools, child care centres and children's camps.

Key issues facing Licensed Practical Nurses include:

Limited number of full time work opportunities
Under-utilization of the Licensed Practical Nurses' knowledge and skills
Lack of effective, long-term, overarching plan for Canadian nursing
Entrepreneurial nursing
Changes in medical/information technology
Artificial barriers to practice

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